About us


A voluntary, philanthropic organization has been established away from the din of the city of Calcutta only 35 kilometres away at Ashok Nagar – 24 Parganas (North) under Kalyangarh Municipality. Proposed home is located in sprawling Green Land where nature is close to everywhere and present face to face elixering one’s body, mind and soul and thought process all the moments. One block-building has already been completed & other two are in close pursuit.
With the dedication and sagacity of each and every staff no boarded can hardly feel that he/she is away from their own home, rather they will certainly feel and enjoy the comfort of an extended family with mystic charm and innocence.
In these days of speed and sophistication every and each one is busy with their own occupation and trade finding hardly any time to afford for their elderly kins and parents also, keeping all these in mind BELASHURU is a humble exercise to keep the generation’s old order intact.


Trustees will get all work of Old Age Home by the Executive Committee which will be directed by Advisory Committee, which will be formed by people from all walks of life like, Engineer, Medicos, Legal Professionals, Finance Professionals, Educationist and broadly from other professions of all society.

Time Bank for All Boarders

By the last statistical record of the population in India it has been explored that senior citizen of India constitutes nearly Eleven Crores which is 8.58% of our total population. It has also been explored, nearly 1.5 Crores senior citizen live completely alone without any kins or relation / friends.
According U.N.P.F. report of 2015 a large section of our old people are partly or wholly depends on others / aids to lead their day to day life.
It is our prime objectives to endorse trained people to look after them and get them free of all mental shackles and we shall introduce time bank to attend our boarders some time in all days and night. This will help them positively gaining potential mental energy to keep them ever cheerful.