Healthy and delicious food like tea, tiffin, lunch, dinner will be given according to schedule as prescribed by our qualified dietician matching the condition of health of each one, calories are also fixed accordingly.
Delicious food of different verities will be given round the day and night as prescribed by the dietician.
In case of special food given to individual extra charges will be slapped according to nature and value of food.


Tea & Tiffin

Delicious Meal

Timely Supply

Detail Expenses

On account of food including 2 times tea, 2 times tiffin, lunch, dinner etc will charge Rs. 5,500/- per head only, which is very negligible comparing with the cost of present market.
Normal lodging charges is fixed at Rs. 1,000/- per head which includes repairing and maintenance of rooms and colouring after certain intervals, maintenance of bed, bed sheet and blanket etc.
For Electricity, House Keeping charges and other services charges, taxes and Garden Mali charges, Rs. 2,000/- per head is fixed, the charges include Dhobi Charges, Total expenditure minimum per month (5500+1000+2000) = Rs. 8,500.00 per head.
Extra charges will be slapped for extra ordinary cases.




House Keeping


Security Services

Nowadays it is of great concern for everybody that unfortunately old men and women have become a target for antisocial and hooligan for killing them in order to take away their possession very easily without any resistance. So, next kin of old men and women should think of their proper safety and by keeping them under the custody of most trusted people and organisation like Bela Shuru - ever faithful organisation for you all. So kindly contact for elder kins with Bela Shuru, The old age home for safety and ever enjoyness for his/her rest of lives.
Our Security System is very strong, in the premises as it is surrounded by high boundary wall and CCTV cameras fixed almost every area of the Old Age Home, security persons are available. We maintain good rapport with local administration like a local police station, local municipality, local councillor and other public representatives.


Camera Surveillance

High Boundary

Other Services

Other services will be involved with facility of physiotherapy, Yoga, Meditation, Music therapy, etc.
Library facilities with news paper in different languages are available with TV sets and freeze will be available in room and Wi-Fi, Telephone, Intercom facility are also available for boarders.
Gardens are available with lashing green trees for free movement by walking, jogging etc very mush within campus.
Lastly and finally, or final object of life is to become in direct contact of God – the almighty, for which we have established a sprawling temple where everyone can assemble and pray pujas, make meditation and finally engaging in devotion to God. So you find that life is not at the brink of death, but it is a new start to achieve holiness for one self and others. So let us feel that the life is full of bliss like charming blossoms.





Spiritual Events

Accommodation Charge

A Economy Standard Room 3 Share Basis Per head 4.5 lakh 8,500/-
B Standard Room 2 Share Basis Per head 5.5 lakh 9,500/-
C AC Room 2 Share Basis Per head 6 lakh 11,000/-
D AC Couple Room (6+6) lakh (10,500+10,500) double
E AC Deluxe Room 2 Share Basis Per head 8 lakh 11,000/-
F AC Single Deluxe Cabin 12 lakh 14,000/-
Extra facilities:
E type: Attached toilet (Commode), Attached Varanda, Almirah, Gyser, Room Heater, TV, AC, Electric Kettle, Sofa Set & 2 Chair, Fridge, One Loft, Music System
F type: Attached toilet (Commode), Attached Varanda, Almirah, Gyser, Room Heater, TV, AC, Dressing Table, 2 Chairs, 1 Table, Loft.
D & C type: Attached toilet (Commode), Attached Varanda, Almirah, Gyser, AC, Dressing Table, 2 Chair, 1 table

Attached Toilet

Attached Veranda

(Almirah etc)

Room Heater


Music System